A few years ago, I worked for an online merchant. In this position, I created a bridge between the ERP and the online merchants. This server, called the “Channel Server, ” feeds over thirty online channels. Its primary purpose is to update the products and handle orders, and all the information would be funneled through the merchants to our SAP servers. Since Amazon was our biggest seller, I designed a method of winning the buy box for select products.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is an essential feature on Amazon’s website that can make a big difference for both sellers and customers. When you visit a product page on Amazon, you’ll see a box on the right side that displays the product’s price, shipping information, and the “Add to Cart” or “Buy now” button. This box is called the Buy Box.

The Buy Box is an essential tool for sellers on Amazon, as the majority of Amazon’s sales come from it. If you’re selling a product on Amazon and you win the Buy Box, your product will be the one that is displayed and available for purchase in the Buy Box. This measure means that more customers will see your product and have a better chance of being purchased.

But what happens when multiple sellers are selling the same product on Amazon? In this case, only one seller will win the Buy Box, and their product will be the one that is displayed and available for purchase. Amazon uses a variety of factors to determine which seller wins the Buy Box, including the seller’s price, shipping speed, and customer service.

To increase your chances of winning the Buy Box, it’s essential to keep your prices competitive, offer fast shipping, and provide excellent customer service. Doing so will make your products more attractive to customers and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

In conclusion, the Amazon Buy Box is a valuable tool for sellers on Amazon. By winning the Buy Box, you can reach more customers, increase sales, and showcase your products in the best light possible. If you’re selling on Amazon, it’s essential to understand the Buy Box and what you can do to increase your chances of winning it.

How do I win the Buy Box?

There is no definitive answer to how to win the Amazon Buy Box, as the algorithm used to determine the winner is not publicly disclosed and can change over time. However, several factors are known to be critical in winning the Buy Box:

  1. Price: A low cost, relative to other offers for the same product, is one of the most critical factors in winning the Buy Box.
  2. Availability: The product must be in stock and available to ship immediately to win the Buy Box.
  3. Fulfillment method: Sellers using Amazon’s fulfillment service (FBA) tend to win the Buy Box more often than other fulfillment methods.
  4. Seller rating and performance: Sellers with high customer satisfaction ratings, low return, and cancellation rates, and a history of timely shipping and good customer service are more likely to win the Buy Box.
  5. Sales history: A history of solid sales and a favorable sales velocity can also increase a seller’s chances of winning the Buy Box.

It is important to note that these are general guidelines, and the Buy Box algorithm may change, so it is advisable to continually monitor and adjust your strategy in response to any changes.

The implementation of the Buy Box algorithm that I used is based on the fact that I have control over the first two items of winning the Buy Box. The Channel Server’s inventory control updated the product counts in fifteen-minute intervals, and that just leaves the price.

Within the Channel Server’s database, I constructed a pricing table. This table kept the product’s current price with two other price values. One of these was the bottom price so that the item could be sold and maintain a profit. The other value is the current value we are selling on Amazon.

The item was simple, get the lowest price of an Amazon product and who is selling that product. If the seller is me, ignore any changes. If that seller isn’t me, change the selling price of our product by a predetermined percentage and update the product on Amazon. If the revised price is below our floor price, don’t change it. Update any values in the database for that product as needed.

Further enhancements to the algorithm included if we were winning the buy box, identifying the next seller in line, and adjusting our price upward by a predetermined percentage to increase our profit.

How do we find the price of an Amazon Product?

To find the lowest price of an Amazon product, you can use Amazon’s Product Advertising API, which is a web service that provides programmatic access to Amazon’s product information and advertising data. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

Sign up for the Amazon Product Advertising API: To use the API, you’ll first need to sign up for an Amazon account and then register for the Amazon Product Advertising API. You’ll receive two API keys: an Access Key ID and a Secret Access Key.

Install the boto3 library: To use the API with Python, you’ll need to install the boto3 library, which is an AWS SDK for Python. You can install it using the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

pip install boto3

Write a Python script: Once you have installed the API keys and the boto3 library, you can write a Python script to retrieve the product information. Here’s a sample script that retrieves the current price of an Amazon product with a given ASIN:

import boto3

# Replace YOUR_ACCESS_KEY and YOUR_SECRET_KEY with your API keys
client = boto3.client('product-advertising-api', region_name='us-west-2',

# Replace YOUR_ASIN with the ASIN of the product you want to retrieve information for
response = client.get_competitive_pricing_for_SKU(
            'SellerSKU': 'YOUR_ASIN'

# Extract the current price of the product
price = response['PriceList'][0]['Price']['LandedPrice']['Amount']

print("Current price: $" + str(price))

Run the script: Finally, run the script in your terminal or command prompt using the following command:

python your_script.py

Replace your_script.py with the name of your Python script. This script will retrieve and print the product’s current price with the specified ASIN.

And that’s it! This script is a simple way to find the lowest price of an Amazon product using Python and the Amazon Product Advertising API.

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